Viirtue cloud managed WiFi

Viirtue offers a line of wireless access points that are centrally managed from our cloud. Whether you are looking to extend your WiFi coverage through your office suite or a warehouse with multipe access points, our solution will blanket your office with service. Our access points also give the ability for multiple networks, such as a segregated guest network and a private network with access to your local devices. This device includes an optional feature for you to invoice for WiFi access.


Viirtue WiFi Standard


The Viirtue standard access point has a max speed of 300 Mbps. The AP also has two internal antennas, and is optimized for PoE (power over ethernet). This device easily mounts to drop ceilings commonly found in most office enviroments. External protective housing for outdoor wifi can be purchased additionally.


Viirtue WiFi Advanced


The Viirtue advanced access point is one of the fastest on the market. It has a max speed of an incredible 900 mbps. It also comes with SIX internal antennas. This device mounts to most ceilings, but external housing for outdoor or industrial enviroments can be purchased additionally.


Cloud Management


The Viirtue cloud management plan is based per access point. This plan includes hardware replacement, online/offline verification, on demand reporting, and on demand password changes.